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For ownership or control (for example signature authority) of foreign accounts with an aggregate value of over $10,000 in the calendar year. We can file your FBAR for you

All US citizens and Green Card holders must (if they meet the required minimum thresholds) file an annual tax return to report their worldwide income. 

Most taxpayers end up with no US Tax liability due to the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE), Foreign Tax Credit and Tax Treaties.

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We will find the best solution to your tax situation and provide a precise quote.

Upload Documents

We use a secure cloud document sharing application for your tax information.


We will prepare your tax return and let you know when ready for your review.


We will e-file your return with the IRS.

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  • US citizen working abroad.

  • US retiree living abroad.

  • Own a foreign company.

  • Investing in the US.

We will help you with your US Expat Tax reporting requirements, you keep enjoying your adventure abroad.

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